Dump Trucks

Volat dump trucks demonstrate equally reliable behavior on public roads, in quarries and on construction sites where there are no roads. You can choose a standard-shaped platform or U-shaped platform to carry various loads. Due to reinforced frames, the maximum load weight is 32 tons; this is one of the highest parameters in the relevant class.


Wheel drive: 8x4

Payload: 32 t.

Engine: YaMZ-651

Engine’s power: 412 h.p.


Wheel drive: 8x4

Payload: 32 t.

Engine: MMZ WP12.460E5

Engine’s power: 460 h.p.


Wheel drive: 8x4

Payload: 30 t.

Engine: YaMZ-75117.10

Engine’s power: 400 h.p.


Wheel drive: 8x8

Payload: 24,5 t.

Engine: YaMZ-8424.10

Engine’s power: 470 h.p.


Wheel drive: 8x8

Payload: 27 t.

Engine: YaMZ-7511

Engine’s power: 400 h.p.

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