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Volat demonstrated the MZKT-750100-021 dump truck during the Minsk city day


Many people remembered the Minsk City Day due to its festivities and the exhibition of achievements of Belarusian manufacturers held near the Sports Palace. On September 13, the MWTP OJSC was proud to demonstrate the modified model of the MZKT-750100-021 dump truck at this exhibition. The machine drew appropriate attention of visitors because each interested person could not only be photographed in front of this vehicle but also enter the cab to imagine that he or she is a driver.

Due to the reinforced frame, the MZKT-750100-021 dump truck can carry loads up to 32 tons; this is among the highest capacities in the class, and this is one of the most significant advantages of this dump truck. The axle configuration for this series of dump trucks is 8x4. The modern and cost-effective 6-cylinder turbine diesel engine, YaMZ-651-05 (Yaroslavl Motor Plant), is appropriate to accomplish the tasks. The engine meets the Euro 4 environmental standard; its power is 412 hp. Rapid and precise gear shift is carried out by the Chinese manual transmission, Fast Gear 9JS220TA+QH50, provided with the pneumatic amplifier, with 9 forward speeds and 1 backward speed.

The dump truck is provided with a renewed all-metal two-seat cab, with the cab appearance implemented in Volat company-specific style. The similar cab is used on MAZ-6418; the cab is provided with modern ventilation and heating equipment, controls and standard instrumentation set.

The MZKT-750100-021 dump trucks can be provided with two types of platforms. Depending on the load to be carried, a customer can choose a heated standard-shape platform having the volume 20 m3 or an unheated U-shaped platform.

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