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Volat presented the up-to-date models at СТТ-2014


The MWTP OJSC presented two new high-capacity vehicles, the MZKT-750500 dump truck (8x4) and the MZKT-741600 truck tractor, at the CTT-2014 construction equipment exhibition, the largest in Russia.

The MZKT-750500-011 dump truck with the axle configuration 8x4 is the result of more than four years of intensive work carried out by Volat engineers. This new dump truck should be the replacement, expected during a long time, for the popular but outdated MZKT-65151.

The major advantage of this vehicle is its specially reinforced frame designed to carry loads up to 32 tons per trip (on process-relevant roads); this is among the highest capacities in the class. The new six-cylinder engine, MMZ-WP12.460E5, 460 hp, meeting the advanced environmental standard Euro-5, will assist the vehicle in operations with this high load. Rapid and precise gear shift is carried out by the Chinese manual transmission, Fast Gear 9JS220TA+QH50, provided with the pneumatic amplifier, with 9 forward speeds and 1 backward speed. The clutch is also Chinese, MFZ430 or DSP430B9, capable to transfer a torque higher than 2000 N·m to the wheels.

A modern and comfortable all-metal cab similar to that in MAZ-6418 is the novelty visible at once. The cab appearance is implemented in Volat company-specific new style.

The vehicle is provided with various types of load platforms for its major purpose, transportation of bulk freights. As a standard configuration, the platform is offered having the volume 20 m3, with the standard cross-section, warmed-up by exhaust gases. However, a U-shaped unheated platform can be easily mounted.

One more new Volat product demonstrated at the exhibition was MZKT-741600-011, the pure truck tractor version of the MZKT-741600-010 ballast truck tractor demonstrated at the previous CTT exhibition. The new tractor axle configuration is 8x8, and it can easily carry the heaviest construction equipment – the maximum weight of a road train towed by the tractor can be as high as 90 tons. The vehicle is provided with the same 600-hp Cummins engine as the similar ballast truck tractor. The important novelty is the new automatic gearbox made by MWTP. The gearbox provides 6 forward speeds and 1 backward speed, and has an integrated retarder.

Similarly to the dump truck, the new tractor is provided with a new comfortable and stylish cab; however, there are two sleeping berths in it.

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