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Effective vehicle to carry mobile drilling rigs: the MZKT-800500-011 chassis


MWTP OJSC added the new model, the MZKT-800500-011 chassis, to its range of special chassis models. The new all-wheel-drive seven-axle vehicle is designed to mount, drive and operate in all modes the mechanisms of special process equipment in oil and gas extraction units and installations and for transportation of these mechanisms out of public motor roads. The hydraulic equalising beam suspension is obviously advantageous for heavy road conditions. Due to steerable wheels of three front axles and two rear axles, chassis can be controlled easily and precisely. The chassis can be driven on public motor roads, subject to relevant permission, with the maximum chassis driving speed 40 km/hour.

Two six-cylinder diesel engines, Caterpillar C15 ACERT, 433 kW (580 hp) each, are mounted behind the driver cab in the compartment provided with thermal protection and noise protection. The chassis is driven by the left engine transmission unit.

Integration of the equipment platform and the chassis frame is among the most significant advantages of this chassis. Due to this solution, the center of gravity of the mobile drilling rig is lowered, making the assembled rig more stable and improving the cross-country ability parameters. In addition to good driving characteristics, customers can appreciate high load capacity of this model. The weight of equipment that can be carried by the chassis is up to 55 tons; the chassis curb weight is 35 tons. Because the equipment is installed directly on the chassis platform, the positions for the equipment fastening and for additional reinforcement can be agreed during the chassis manufacturing stage. Due to this approach, customer requirements can be properly considered, and chassis manufacturing quality can be improved.

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