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New dump for one of the most reliable customers


On Saturday, April 26, 2014, 5 more dump trucks, the MZKT-7501-021 new model, were handed over to the Construction Directorate No. 149, Construction Trust No.3 (decorated with the Order of October Revolution) Open Joint Stock Company, the town of Soligorsk, Minsk Oblast.

The MZKT-7501 dump truck model was specially designed for construction of large industrial, civil and infrastructural facilities. The load platform, 20 m3, is suitable for transportation of large volumes of bulk freights. The maximum load capacity of vehicles on auxiliary roads is as high as 32 tons.

In configuration specified by the customer, dump trucks are provided with the YaMZ-651 engine (meeting Euro-4 requirements), 412 hp, and 9-stage Fast Gear gearbox made in China.

Two more dump trucks, the same model but provided with unheated load platforms having U-shaped cross-sections, are in service in Construction Trust No.3 since 2013.

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