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Volat tests the new truck tractor, MZKT-741600-011


The MZKT-741600-011 was designed to carry especially large-size construction equipment and other heavy loads in road trains, with the total weight up to 90 tons.

This vehicle will be the “pure truck tractor” version of the MZKT-741600 ballast truck tractor designed for paved roads. The maximum permissible load on the fifth-wheel coupling unit is 27 tons.

To be completely adapted for existing local conditions, the vehicle has an axle configuration 8x8 and provided with the advanced inter-wheel and inter-axle differential locking system; however, unlike the previous model, two last axles are provided with double-tire wheels.

Improved reliability of major units and easy control during transportation of superheavy loads are provided by the completely automatic 6-stage transmission, MZKT-656120, the new-generation MWTP transmission. The tractor is provided with the high-power Cummins engine, 600 hp (Euro-4), with the tractor driving speed up to 90 km/hour.

The vehicle is expected to be demonstrated for general public for the first time within the scope of the CTT-2014 exhibition that will be held in Moscow in June.

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