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Volat made the first dump trucks from the renewed MZKT-750100 series


Customers will undoubtedly appreciate the new significantly reinforced frame making the dump truck capable to carry the record load, 32 (!) tons, in the standard operation mode. This high load capacity makes the dump truck an ideal choice for customers engaged in construction of largest infrastructural facilities. Due to the new engine from the YaMZ-652 (Yaroslavl Motor Plant), the dump truck can take heavier load and carry it quicker and further. The engine power is increased up to 412 hp, and it meets the Euro-4 requirements in terms of environmental characteristics and fuel saving. Instead of the Russian engine, the customer can easily choose one of several foreign engines.

Due to the 9-stage Fast Gear 9JS220TA+QH gearbox provided with the pneumatic amplifier for easier switching, the vehicle has better towing and dynamic characteristics than those for previous solutions. Upon the customer’s request, the vehicle can be provided with the 16-stage gearbox from the same manufacturer. The vehicle suspension is made with standard few-leaf springs as basic components, because this design is the most reliable under frequent load transfers. In new vehicles, however, the suspension is provided with the antiroll stabiliser bars on each axle; as a result, vehicles having higher total weight can hold a road more surely.

Access ways never were ideal at construction sites, therefore, the inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locking system available in the MZKT-750100 for driving axles is useful for customers even in severest situations. The vehicle is provided with the new MAZ-6418 spring-mounted cab made with the new stylish appearance designed by Volat and more comfortable for a driver during operation. The hydraulic steering booster is provided with the backup drive operated by the dump truck’s driving axle; as a result, the vehicle remains easily controllable even if the engine is inoperable.

The dump truck is provided with the heated platform having the volume 20 m3, with the standard profile, or the unheated U-shaped platform having the same volume; as a result, the soil freezing-on problem can be effectively resolved in accordance with the specific customer’s work conditions. For customers working in Nordic territories, the vehicle can also be provided with the separate cab heater and the prestart liquid-based engine heater.

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