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The first Volat trophy international football competition


High-quality product manufacturing is not a single factor making its contribution into the image of the MWTP OJSC as well as any other successful organisation. VOLAT makes active efforts to create strong corporative culture and to arrange friendly relations with other entities in the industry.

The First MWTP OJSC Trophy International Football Competition is one more activity carried out for this purpose. It was arranged by the company administration and trade union committee.

Adhering to the equal rights principle, the organisers specified their rules: players older than fifty years and two players from forty to fifty years old may be listed in each team.

Eight teams representing the industrial enterprises from different countries were listed for the competition. The competition was subdivided into two stages: the selection stage and the final games.

Our team, Volat, successfully passed the first tour and reached the final games where the players have demonstrated coordinated and effective playing. As a result, it took the honorable second place, being among the three strongest teams with Vladimir and Torpedo MAZ.

Trophies were a pleasant addition to the resulting positive emotions and adrenaline. All participants obtained medals, cups, diplomas and souvenirs. Organisers are sure that the success of this competition demonstrates that it will become an annual tradition. 

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