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Volat enginery at the international regional forum in Sochi


Volat took part in the Second Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, which was held in Sochi from 17 till 18 of September, 2015. During the exhibition Volat had presence on the joint stand of plants-members of National military industrial complex of Republic of Belarus. All the In addition to communication with the representatives of company at the private exhibition all the participants and guests could find out more about Volat enginery.

On the open area there were represented well-known chassis MZKT-7930, wheel chassis MZKT-500200, which recently proved itself brilliantly in Military games, and the bus Neman-4202 in «Tourist» complement.

The high status and importance of the Forum was emphasized by personal contribution of Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Republic of Belarus, and Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation, along with numerous government delegations.

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