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The leading position on the market of chassis for mobile drilling rigs


One of the main directions in which Volat achieved notable accomplishments is the production of chassis for mobile drilling rigs. On the Russian market Volat presence in the segments of chassis with wheel formulas 8x8 to 14x14. Analytical data show the success of the work in this direction.

During the first half of 2015 the share of Volat in the segment 8x8 was 80%. Prominent representatives of this segment are the chassis MZKT-652716, which are known for its high reliability, and MZKT-700800 - is a representative of a new concept of oil Volat chassis with integrated frame.

Volat share in the segment of 10x10 - 29%, which means every third sold chassis for MDR in this segment - is MZKT-700400.

In the segment of 12x12 leading position, with a share of 80% of the amount sold the chassis holds MZKT-700300.

The first deliveries of the chassis MZKT-800500 with integrated frame and load-carrying capacity 56 tons from Volat began only in 2015, which provided 83% share in the segment with wheel formula 14x14.

Volat use the latest achievements of automotive and components from leading manufacturers in the chassis for MDR. This allows to provide customers with maximum performance, reliability and safety for drilling.