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Volat rapidly develops bus direction


Volat successfully develops a new direction - the production and sale of buses. Model range of modern bus vehicles of Volat includes middle- and large-sized buses, produced under the "Neman" brand name.

Neman-5201 is a large-sized bus with a seating capacity of 70 people and a powerful reliable engine DEUTZ TCD 2013 L06. Volat has recently concluded contracts for the supply of this model with such companies as "Beltamozhservice" and "Sanatorium" Pine ".

The middle-sized class includes Neman-4202 buses. According to the global trends of the automotive industry Volat modernizes middle-sized buses Neman-4202 with new modern chassis.

Based on Iveco chassis, Neman-4202 will be equipped with turbo diesel engine Euro-5. The models, equipped with an Euro-6 gaseous fuel type engine, which will increase the economic efficiency of passenger transportation by reducing costs for fuel, will be also availible.