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New truck tractor Volat receives TVTA in 2016 after tests


August 2016 brings with it a huge number of events for Volat. One of them is an all-wheel-drive 8x8 truck tractor MZKT-750440 certification.

Currently the model is passing tests at the Volat Research Center, after which Euro-5 emission standard vehicle will receive a certificate in accordance with the Technical regulations of the Customs Union (Transport Vehicle Type Approval (TVTA)) and it will be able to operate on public roads without special permissions.

New truck tractor outperforms its predecessor. The PACCAR MX340 Euro-5 with a capacity of 462 HP is a heavy-duty engine. 16-speed gearbox allows accurately fine adjusting the transmitted to the wheels engine capacity. Reinforced frame, fifth wheel coupling with 3 degrees of freedom, a new ergonomic well-appointed cabin. MZKT-750440 off-road truck tractor is a great combination of high reliability and optimal efficiency performances.

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