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Volat showed a new truck tractor MZKT-750440 at the exhibition "Surgut. Oil and Gas - 2016"


Volat is always focused on special events that gather the representatives of professional communities together. This time the company took part in the XXI International specialized exhibition "SURGUT. OIL AND GAS – 2016".

SC "Energetik" of the the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District – Yugra became a platform for demonstrating the companies’ latest developments and achievements in the field of oil and gas extraction, transportation and refining.

Volat exhibited the latest model that was an all-wheel-drive truck tractor MZKT-750440 meant for the large heavy cargo transportation on ordinary roads and in off-road and extremely low temperature conditions.

The new product aroused great interest among representatives of the oil and gas industry that traditionally operate the equipment in remote regions and also attracted core business specializing in the transportation of vehicles.

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