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"RCT-2, Gomel", OJSC has received the initial batch of dump trucks MZKT-7501


November 25, 2016 the initial batch of MZKT-7501 dump trucks was shipped for "Road construction trust No. 2, Gomel", OJSC.

One of the biggest road construction trusts in Republic of Belarus has acquired 7 vehicles for M-6 Minsk–Grodno road reconstruction.

There is no doubt that "RCT-2, Gomel", OJSC will appreciate high lifting capacity of MZKT-7501 dump truck, high-power engine of 412 HP and superior towing and dynamic performance.

The second batch of MZKT-7501 dump trucks for "RCT-2, Gomel", OJSC will be shipped early in the year.

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