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New buses NEMAN are coming soon!


Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, JSC is planning to present an updated line of NEMAN middle class buses in "Tourist", "Intercity" and "City" versions in 2017. NEMAN buses have already gained a reputation of reliable, comfortable, practical and maintenance-friendly buses.

Iveco Daily 70С17 is used as basic chassis for new models. It differs from previous chassis Iveco Daily 65С15 in an extended wheelbase that enhances quality of ride and comfort level in motion. In addition new chassis has advanced powertrain that is IVECO F1CFL411*C (170 HP) Euro-5 engine aggregated with well-accepted ZF 6S 400 6-speed manual transmission. The new engine has excellent propulsion performance (maximum torque of 400 Nm is achieved at 1,300 rpm and remains constant up to 3,000 rpm). No doubt, it will add dynamics to NEMAN buses for more confidence on the road.

Restyling has affected the exterior, interior and configuration of the buses. As to the exterior, the design of the front and rear elements has changed. Thus, for a new bus line there was developed and applied completely new design of front and rear bumpers, hood, radiator grille, were used new lamp sealed beam units of head lighting, electrically driven outside rear view mirrors. Concerning the interior, the changes affected not only driver's workplace but also the passenger compartment. Driver's workplace was equipped with additional niches and pockets for documents, cellphone and other small items. An air suspension ergonomic seat mounted with a hydraulic shock absorber has adjustments of all sorts and a three-point seat belt. Due to undivided windshield buses have excellent visibility, the reduction of its size has allowed to solve the problem of freezing when operating in low temperatures and to provide additional protection of the interior against overheating in hot weather. The passenger compartment has received new models of seats and their arrangement, new finishing materials of floor coating, led ceiling lamps, service units with USB connectors for cellphone charging. Configuration of all three versions already has emergency call unit.

"City" version is a brand-new NEMAN bus that complies with up-to-date requirements and standards applicable to municipal buses. The passenger compartment is equipped with two electrically driven doors, comfortable passenger seats, antislip floor coating, highlighting footrests in the area of entry doors, handrails, an information display, and a destination indicator. The bus is provided with space for passengers with reduced mobility where a person may comfortably place with wheel chair after raising on the bus ramp at the rear door.

Presentation of new buses is slated for the third quarter of 2017. "Tourist" and "City" versions are undergoing running and approval trials now, after that the buses will receive a certificate in accordance with the Technical regulations of the Customs Union (Transport Vehicle Type Approval (TVTA)) and the buses will go on sale.

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