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Volat updated chassis MZKT-652760


VOLAT is constantly improving and modernizing its products. In October the company improved chassis MZKT-652760 (10x10). The model is designed for process and maintenance and repair operations in the oil and gas industry.

MZKT-652760-230 received a new frame alignment. That makes it possible to place longer flexible pipes in the coil-tubing installation. The load capacity of the chassis has increased from 38,400 to 43,000 kg due to new model of axes. The frame was reinforced between the 2nd and 3rd axes and in a wiring-free space. One of the key advantages of this modification is that new MZKT-652760-230 may be fitted with specialty-equipment for customer’s requests.

VOLAT has equipped MZKT-652760-230 with a new branded cabin. Its design has become modern with the distinctive features of commercial vehicles VOLAT. Driver's workplace has become more comfortable and suitable for severe conditions in the oil and gas industry.

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