All-wheel drive chassis MZKT-750001 with Euro-5 engine

Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (VOLAT) released the first all-wheel drive 10x10 chassis with the Euro-5 engine. The chassis is designed for installation of crane equipment with a lifting capacity of 100 tons. The complete crane truck KS-84713-6 will be displayed in June, during the international exhibition Bauma STT Russia-2018 at the stand of VOLAT's strategic partner - JSC "Galich Mobile Cranes Plant".

The new chassis has a lower center of gravity, which provide better stability of the crane. MZKT-750001 is a reliable base for the installation of crane equipment, as well as other equipment and superstructures for the construction industry.

VOLAT is a well-known manufacturer of the chassis with increased cross-country ability and load-carrying capacity. This features allow to use the equipment and superstructures installed on the chassis in construction and in other industries as well.

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