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In 1970, the work was launched in SKB-1 under the general supervision by B.L. Shaposhnik for the design of the most extensive top-secret third generation of Oplot (“Stronghold”) intended to be used to carry the especially strong weapons and to replace two series, MAZ-537 and MAZ-543

The resulting designs include the MAZ-7911, -79111, -79112 chassis with the load capacity 22 tons, the MAZ-74101, -74103 truck tractors (the weight-bearing swivel connection load is 27 tons, the road train load capacity is 52 tons), and the MAZ-7311 ballast tractors.

All trucks in this series had an engine power 650 hp, new strengthened hydromechanical drive, reinforced suspension for the front axle and the rear axle, upgraded tires. The MAZ-74101 tractor was also provided with a supplementary cab.